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2013 year in review

Dec. 17, 2013

As 2013 winds down, take a stroll back through some of the most popular stories from Inside IUPUI of the past year. Top stories included the University Tower conversion, IU brand information, major awards, and several photo galleries.

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Baton career helps student Rachael Bazzell juggle work and med school
Rachael Bazzell and her family

Rachael Bazzell, second from left, and her family celebrate her twirling career.

For most folks, pursuing an advanced degree while holding a full-time job would be daunting.

But for Rachael Bazzell, controlling things that are up in the air is no big deal. In fact, it was a job requirement that the first-year student in the IU School of Medicine handled well in her role as a featured baton twirler for Purdue’s All-American Band during her undergraduate days in West Lafayette.

These days, twirling a high-flying baton while marching in parades or at football games has given way to another juggling act.

By day, Bazzell is a community representative for the American Cancer Society (ACS), an organization she has worked for since 2005. By night, she tackles the challenges of pursuing an advanced degree. She came from Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus to the IUPUI campus to pursue a career focused on public health and cancer research.

University Tower makeover - Photo gallery
University Tower

University Tower

Set to start housing students this fall, University Tower will put new students in the heart of the IUPUI campus, close to the library, Campus Center and schools, minimizing commute time and maximizing study time, as well as providing more opportunities for students to create formal and informal networks with faculty, staff and fellow students.

University Tower will be home to 560 beds, a game room, fitness center, bike storage, laundry facility, academic support services, a post office, parking and a dining hall that can seat up to 470 simultaneously. The state-of-the-art dining dining room concept -- currently under construction -- will feature an open, contemporary design with its own culinary and operations staff, as well as six distinct dining options. Special dietary menus, such as vegetarian and low-fat will be available. Convenience items such as beverages, snacks and prepared meals will be available at Artisans Café.

Eight awarded Irwin Experience Excellence Award

Eight IUPUI employees are recipients of the 2012 Glenn W. Irwin, Jr. M.D. Experience Excellence Recognition Award. IUPUI presents the annual award to full-time staff and faculty who have gone “above and beyond their call of duty at work.” 

The award, named in honor of Dr. Glenn W. Irwin, IUPUI’s second chancellor, recognizes service that is non-reimbursed and not specifically job-related.

Campus hydration stations divert plastic bottles from waste stream
hydration station

This hydration station in BS/SPEA is one of the more than 30 stations on the IUPUI campus. 

The numbers at the top of more than 30 water hydration stations at IUPUI tell the story: The ubiquitous plastic water bottle may have met its match on campus.

Since the first two hydration stations were installed in the Campus Center in 2010, more than 160,000 plastic water bottles have been diverted from the waste stream, according to the counters on the stations.

The electronic display counts each time someone refills a water bottle, providing an equivalent of the number of disposable plastic water bottles that would otherwise have been purchased and discarded.

The hydration stations with the highest counts are the two that are the oldest, along with a third one that has been installed at the Campus Center. The counters on all three show nearly 74,000 plastic water bottles diverted from the waste stream.

Campus now has 35 hydration stations, installed by Campus Facility Services.

IUPUI unveils new logo, university promise
Banners at IUPUI

Banners at IUPUI

Faculty, staff, students and visitors will start noticing subtle changes to the IUPUI identity in the coming weeks.

The traditional IUPUI logo has been replaced by the block IU logo with “IUPUI” imprinted alongside or below. While IU recognizes and values its strong relationship with Purdue, this change is designed to clarify the fact that IUPUI is an IU-managed campus that offers select Purdue programs. This new logo is already reflected on the campus’ official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In addition, the campus is embracing a new university-wide tagline, “What matters. Where it matters,” which will replace “Where impact is made” as IUPUI’s development campaign concludes this summer. 

Notable appointment bestowed upon three IUPUI faculty

IUPUI Chancellor Charles R. Bantz recently bestowed the distinguished appointment of Chancellor’s Professor to three outstanding faculty: Dr. Asok Antony, professor of medicine, IU School of Medicine; Jonathan Eller, professor of English, IU School of Liberal Arts; and Marjorie Lyles, professor of international strategic management, IU Kelley School of Business.

The Chancellor’s Professor is the most notable appointment a faculty member can attain at IUPUI. It recognizes senior faculty members who display a record of extensive accomplishment and leadership in teaching, research and campus/professional service.

“The Chancellor’s Professors are faculty members who have distinguished themselves as researchers and educators for 10 or more years,” Bantz said. “In making this appointment, I acknowledge their contributions to their respective fields, the campus and the university as well as my intention to seek their wisdom and counsel on matters important to the future of IUPUI.”

Rebranding effort more than a new logo, tagline

From the banners along campus streets to the new logo featured on our official Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ve probably started to see glimpses of the new IUPUI identity.

This rebranding better clarifies IUPUI’s relationship with IU, in that our campus is an IU-managed campus that offers select Purdue programs.

In addition to the new logo (the block IU logo with “IUPUI” written either alongside or below it), all IU campuses will have the new university-wide tagline: “What matters. Where it matters.” This replaces the previous campus-specific tagline of "IUPUI. Where impact is made -- every day,” and reinforces the concept that degrees earned on any IU campus bear the same value and quality of the brand.

New Chancellor's Restaurant now open - From the Desk of the Chancellor
Chancellor's Restaurant is now open.

Chancellor's Restaurant is now open.

For more than a year-and-a-half, a dedicated team from various departments and contractors has worked together to renovate the former University Place Conference Center & Hotel into the new University Tower residence hall and Hine Hall classroom building. This project took two important steps toward completion on Tuesday, June 4, with the reopening of Chancellor’s Restaurant and the dining hall serving over 350 students and family members attending the IUPUI new student orientation program.

In addition to a new look and new menu, Chancellor’s will offer faculty, staff and visitors a conveniently located dining destination with quality cuisine and a menu that includes both light lunches and full meals. The restaurant, located in its previous location on the ground floor, will be open from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday, with extended hours beginning with the fall semester. The Bistro, previously located on the second floor, is now closed permanently.

Important changes are coming to the IU School of Informatics at IUPUI

On July 1, the name of the school will change to the IU School of Informatics and Computing. The IU School of Library and Information Science merges with the school, and Mathew Palakal will take over as executive associate dean of the School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI.

The Indiana University Board of Trustees approved the merger. The change affects schools at both the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses. The merger is seen as an opportunity to create a single school of expanded breadth, size and quality that addresses the rapid evolution of informatics, computing and libraries.

IUPUI set to unveil University Tower
The Kitchen is one of the new dining areas in University Tower.

The Kitchen is one of the new dining areas in University Tower.

Join campus leaders, students, Jawz and your colleagues to celebrate the official launch of IUPUI’s newest residential offering when University Tower gets its "grand opening" treatment Aug. 20.

The event will start at 10 a.m. in the first floor lobby area of University Tower with light refreshments, followed by welcoming remarks at 10:30 a.m. Zeb Davenport, IUPUI’s vice chancellor for student life, will serve as the emcee, with Chancellor Charles R. Bantz and Dawn Rhodes, the vice chancellor for finance and administration, offering their thoughts on the impact University Tower will have on campus life. Time also is available for a student speaker and a question-and-answer session for any media that attend.

The launch of University Tower will cap a whirlwind conversion of the former hotel and conference center. In less than one year, the campus was able to turn the facility into the answer for several much-needed assets, including 560 beds for freshmen in the heart of campus; a state-of-the-art dining hall with meal plans for both residents and nonresidents; and nearly 400 parking spots beneath the facility to augment IUPUI’s other lots and garages.

Campus flu shots available

UPUI Campus Health now has flu vaccine in stock. IUPUI faculty, staff and students can now obtain flu vaccine at one of our outreach Flu Vaccination Clinics, Campus Health (Coleman Hall) or the IUPUI Campus Center Student Health. 

Please refer to the Flu Information page for vaccination clinic dates and locations.

Rowing to victory - Photo gallery
2013 Regatta

2013 Regatta

The Fifth Annual IUPUI Regatta was held on a gorgeous September day, with 112 teams competing for bragging rights to IUPUI's premiere event. This year, the School of Dentistry's team "Darting Drillers" won the top spot. 

You can see more pictures at the 2013 Regatta Gallery page.

Time for your closeup? IU Communications is offering free professional head shots for employees

And you thought picture day was a thing of the past.

IU Communications is offering free professional headshots for faculty and staff members at IU Bloomington and IUPUI starting Wednesday, Oct. 2.

Photos will be taken between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month through June 2014 (with the exception of January) at one of two locations:

  • Bloomington, Von Lee 2nd floor, 517 E. Kirkwood Ave.
  • Indianapolis, University Library UL 1116
IUPUI’s changing landscape - Photo gallery
Digging the foundation of the Clinical Building.

Digging the foundation of the Clinical Building.

IUPUI is constantly changing, constantly developing, ever growing. It seems there are always construction cranes looming over the campus, a sign of building activity. Over the years, structures that once served as homes to IUPUI schools, departments, and programs grew obsolete. Edifices once seen as cutting edge architecture became hindrances. One by one, buildings that once had hummed with students, faculty, and staff closed their doors and fell victims to the wrecking ball.

This slide show features photos of buildings knocked down to make way for new construction. It also shows photos of buildings still with us today when they were under construction.

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